Parent Compact
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Fannin’s Home School Compact


Students at Fannin Middle School will be responsible for:

  • Their self-discipline to meet classroom expectations and be actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Being leaders by making good choices and knowing the positive and negative consequences for their actions.
  • Maintaining their eligibility and taking an active role to promote their school. 
  • Striving to do what is right by following school rules and taking ownership of their behavior.
  • Taking home any letters or information (written or verbal) in an effort to encourage parents to come to the school and communicate with teachers.



Teachers/Staff at Fannin Middle School will be responsible for:

  • Incorporating the TEKS in their instruction and meeting multiple learning styles in a variety of classroom environments.
  • Being aware of individual student needs, listening for student outcries, and utilizing support staff.
  • Setting high expectations, modeling appropriate behavior, and recognizing student success. 
  • Being consistent in standards, procedures, parent communication, and overall student expectations.
  • Working around parent schedules to provide opportunities for parents to communicate with the school about their child’s progress.


Parents at Fannin Middle School will be responsible for:

  • Reinforcing promptness, respect, dignity and being aware of what their child is learning so that reinforcement of school work can take place in the home.
  • Continually talking to their child about choices that are made concerning activities, friends, dangers and school conduct.
  • Playing an active role in their child’s academic and extracurricular activities by attending events, communicating with the school, and positively promoting Fannin in our community.
  • Being aware of activities at Fannin.
  • Initiating contact with the school about their child when he or she starts to struggle.
  • Contacting the school when they have a concern or when something may have changed at home that will affect student’s performance at school.
  • Playing an active role in communication with the school and reinforcing/supporting school rules and procedures.



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